Monday, October 10, 2011

Decorating with Globes

I have reacently found a new love - Globes. 
The good old fashioned, schoolhouse globe.

I have seen globes used in decorating in a couple places in the blog world and Lindsey with The Pleated Poppy is my favorite. Look how fun with all the globes on the cabinet!!

Here is the direct link to Lindsey's post

I also transformed a Globe in this post
Here is what I made

I also created an Etsy Treasury with some globes I found.

Do you have anything in your house as a running theme - or maybe a color?


  1. Love that chalk board globe! What a great idea.

  2. That chalk board globe is so awesome, Chrissy! I love Lindsey's style, too. Once all is done in my home, we'll have a lot of blue and gray, but Blue Crabs are the thing for my kitchen, tho I don't have many, I love pictures of them, trivets, etc.

  3. Hey girls!!! This is Pame @ The French Bird! Thank you so much for stopping by The French Market, guys! I love your blog! So glad to be your new follower!! =D


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