Monday, October 31, 2011

Customer Service

I want to share a great customer service story with you.  Many times when I shop there is a huge lack of customer service even down right rude associates and every now and again there is a shining light that surprises me.  

I ordered two shirts from Lands End Canvas about 4 weeks ago on line.  I even went out on the internet and googled for a coupon code, which I found for $10 off a $50 purchase and FREE shipping. My order totaled just over $45 with my discount.   It arrived and the shirts were just want I wanted, I washed them right away and wore both the first week.


This came in the mail 

REALLY a thank you note - and not just a thank you note but HANDWRITTEN for an internet order that I bought sale merchandise and used a coupon code for to further reduce what I spent.  I could not believe it, I was so impressed, I'm still impressed, so impressed that I saved the note for this post.  Not to mention the card was made of kraft paper and just fun!

Here's what Ms. Judy wrote!!!

Have you had a GREAT customer service experience?  
Please share your story so we can shop at those stores too!!

PS: Since the note I've ordered two more shirts, one for me and one for my daughter!!


  1. wow! that is impressive:)

  2. That is awesome, and totally unheard of now-a-days. (I sound like a grandma!) Thanks so much for sharing!


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