Meet the Girls


Hiya! My name is Gina and I am the owner of Hiya Luv Handmade. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and am a die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan. I went to college at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio and moved to Southern California after graduate school. I lived and worked in Southern California for three years before meeting the love of my life by accident in Las Vegas. After dating long distance for a year, I moved to Delaware to be closer to my now fiance. I work in Philadelphia full-time all the while dreaming of what I love to do in my spare time; blogging and sewing. I am a doggie mama to a pupster we call Polo and I am a girly girl who loves sports.
I love connecting with you so feel free to follow me on twitter @hiyaluv or @setupshop . I host the growing handmade business twitter chat on Monday nights at 8pm eastern called #Setupshop Feel free to join us for friendship, networking, and learning about handmade business. 

I am looking forward to getting to know you and scattering creativity together!


Howdy! My name is Lauren and I am currently located in San Antonio, Texas but originally from Denver, Colorado. I live with my boyfriend and my chocolate lab, Carmelo and we just recently moved into our first house.
I’m the girl behind the Elephant’s Trunk an Etsy shop full of original paintings and handmade wine accessories. My day job revolves around one of my other hobbies golf, I work at a golf course as a merchandiser and accountant. I scatter myself in creating and I’m constantly working on a handful of different projects that are all in different phases. Outside of creating I love to indulge in a delicious glass of wine, take my dog for a walk, take a relaxing bubble bath and spend time with my family.
I love the handmade community and cannot wait to see how the Scatter Girl community grows. I constantly connect with others on twitter so feel free to tweet with me @ElephantsTrunk4.
{Lauren Bird}

Always Scattered but with all good intentions :o)

This is where I'm supposed to write a little about me, right?
Well, writing about yourself is really not easy so I think I'll list things

I live outside of Atlanta, GA
I grew up in Northern Virgina
My first job was on a farm - I still can't believe it
My second job was at Bloomingdale's - that's more like it
First car VW bug (the original)
Second car VW bug - Superbeetle
I've always crafted rubber stamping, making cards, thrown pottery, stained glass, sewing, scrapbooking, you name it. I have supplies out the wazoo for everything
My Husband and I owned a Toy Store for 3 years, 
playing Santa was amazing every Holiday season.
I'm a professional gift wrapper - 1000's and 1000's of gifts wrapped at my store

Things I love 
Diet Coke - with a fresh slice of lime, Hershy's Nuggets w/ Toffee & Almonds, French Onion soup
Starbucks, Target, SHOES, scarves, books, reading, hairspray, lip gloss, my laptop, my Blackberry, a clean house, fabric and paper, freshly washed sheets, a clever & creative craft
space, the Fall and the smell of falling leaves, my camera we are a perfect match, my family, ME!