Saturday, December 17, 2011

My New Business Partner "Square"

Hi handmade friends,

I hope everyone is wrapped up in the Holiday spirit and ready for Christmas.  I have been working every day on completing custom orders for friends and for customers at craft shows.  Hands down word of mouth is the best advertising.  I have had so many referrals this season that I just can't believe it.  It's been busy, but great!

This little cutie patootie is my new "business partner"  this little guy Square allowed me to take credit cards this season at the holiday shows I participated in.  No more, I don't have any cash or I'll come back.

He comes packaged like this

He's all ready to go go go when you get him!!

He even comes with stickers with all the credit cards you can take. 

Here he is connected to my phone
You just enter the dollar amount and swipe the card - Wala "Approved"

Your customer actually signs the screen on your phone and you can email or text a receipt and they will receive it on their phone while they are standing there checking out.  You can even take a photo of the items(s) they are purchasing and that gets sent with the reciept! LOVE this feature!! You also get an email confirming the transaction.  It's only 2.75% for each swipe and for the convenience it's perfect, really no more than a paypal transaction via Etsy

Here is the link to get your very own little "Business Partner." 
Oh and the best part he's free!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Cookie Link Up

Who has been busy holiday baking? I know I have! I love trying new recipes and perfecting old ones. Let's create a bit of a holiday cookie exchange here and link up your holiday cookie recipes! There are so many options- sugar, ginger bread, snicker doodle, chocolate and the list goes on and on. What's your favorite? The link up will be open until next Tuesday the 20th so spread the word and let's get lots of cookies linked up!