Friday, September 23, 2011

Scatter Girl of the Month: Alyson of Eisley Rae Clothing

I am so excited to announce that Alyson of Eisley Rae is our Scatter Girl of the Month.
Button up!
Alyson is so friendly and can be found tweeting, blogging, sewing for her shop, playing with her kiddos, and making a nice warm home for her family. Alyson is willing to help others and I have seen her do so several times by answering questions on twitter, volunteering to guest post for others, or just lifting someone up by a nice comment after a tough day.

Alyson is a crafty girl. Fun-loving and warm. We are so pleased that you are a member of the Scatter Girls community and are honored to have you as our Scatter Girl of the Month.
Alyson will get one of these for her craft room courtesy of Bubblewrapp'd

Do you know somebody who would make a great Scatter Girl of the month?
Email us: scattergirls at gmail dot com


  1. I love seeing the newest scatter girl of the month, it's always so fun :)


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