Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cooking with Books- Guest Post

Hello Scatter Girls! Today we've got a very talented baker on our hands to teach us a thing or two about some great utensils to have in the kitchen. Miss. Nelly of Cooking With Books... take it away!

Hello Scatter Girls! I am so glad to be guest posting over here for the first time. I've known Lauren via Twitter for a while now and although we haven't met "in real life", I feel she's become one of my favorite tweeps! My name is Nelly and I blog over at Cooking with Books, where I develop recipes, create and cook from books and normally just have fun with whatever is happening in the food world! One thing I love is kitchen tools. Not gadgets in particular, but just fundamental tools that make my life in the kitchen a little happier. Today I'll be sharing a few!

There are thousands of kitchen tools out there and by no means will you ever find a perfect list of kitchen tools you need. Each list is created by the baker or cook and owner of that kitchen, but as a professional baker that cooks at home, I can recommend a few tools that, as simple as they seem, can make your kitchen jobs easier, faster and more enjoyable.

#1: Rubber Spatulas
They seem so basic, but yet they will always be there for you; to scrap, fold, stir or mix anything you've baked or cooked. Spatulas also come in heat-resistant options, which are great to have when you are cooking on the stove. My favorite heat-resistant spatula comes from my culinary school and it certainly gets the job done: CIA Masters Collection Heat Resistant Silicone Chef's Spatula

#2: Wire Balloon Whisks 
There are so many sad, depressing whisks out there. The ones that the wires pop off or the handles falls off mid-whipping! For once and for all, just get a great whisk that will last you a few good years! Whisks aren't only for whipping cream into submission, but they are great for emulsifying salad dressings, making sauces on the stove, as well as aerating dry ingredients in baking. A whisk I love? This Professional Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk, 12" is one of my favorites.

#3: Digital Scale
The New York Times just wrote a piece on the importance of scales and still some people don't give in. A digital scale will help achieve consistent products, each and every time. Did you know that a cup of flour, scooped by two different people, could vary by 2 ounces each way? Weighing your ingredients when baking will also make you a more precise baker, making you aware of each and every product going into your recipe. A great brand to check out for scales is Escali!

#4: Microplane
Although not essential to your kitchen, Microplane tools are just plain cool! They started out as tools for woodworking and evolved into kitchen tools, which gives them a history of being VERY sharp. Scraping your fingers with a microplane shaver is NOT a happy moment, so be careful when handling them. They'll make zesting citrus a breeze and you'll be able to shave airy, fluffy cheese into your pastas and sauces.

And that's it for today Scatter Girls! 
Hoping to see your around Cooking with Books soon! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great guest post. So nice to see nelly here.

    And i'm finally going to go get myself a microplane. Am I the only one who doesn't own one?


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