Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Post: Creative A Day

Today the Scatter Girls would like to introduce you to the insanely talented Camara of Creative A Day...

I am Camara Meri Rajabari the artist behind the blog My arts & crafts blog focuses on recycling materials I already have in my home studio into unique works of art! I tend to go through a lot of phases and the latest is creating 3 dimensional miniature works.


 One day I grabbed a box of matches to light a candle and I saw that the manufacture's glue on the matchbox had come apart and it sparked an idea to open up a matchbox and create a tiny installation.


 I am completely fascinated with indigenous/ethnic arts and new age spiritual practices. I thought I would create a prototype of a 3-dimensional 'portable healers first-aid box'. The box contains a healing color swatch and a healing crystal gemstone. According to color therapy, focusing or visualizing on the color purple helps to heal melancholy, delusions, alcohol addiction AND it helps to bring spiritual insights with renewal. The quartz gemstone is great for general healing simply by placing it in one's hands.


 The little healer's box contains the healing properties and an affirmation "Each One, Heal One". I even made a pop-up of an indigenous healer from the Caribbean Islands.


Here are some general instructions: 
 1. Take a box of matches and gently open the seal along the side of the box.
 2. Once you have the box of matches apart - empty out the matches for later use.
 3. Paint the outside of the cardboard wrapper and the little cardboard 'drawer'. Let them both dry well.
 4. Look in National Geographics for cool pictures. You can have any theme you desire. Maybe you could make a miniature book of wild animals.
 5. I create pop-ups by cutting small squares of regular household sponge and glueing them to the back of my pictures. 
6. I also accent the edges of the paper with glitter gel pens. 
7. I use a regular printer to print out affirmations, my artist's info and healing properties. 
8. Use a glue gun to affix the cardboard 'drawer' to one side of the cardboard wrapper. 
9. Once the glue has dried then use rubber cement to affix the text words. 
10. I used a beaded string to hold the box together.

 Have fun! If you try this out -I would love to post your pics on Creative A Day blog! A BIG THANKS to Scatter Girls for the opportunity to guest post!

Thanks Camara for sharing with the Scatter Girls, if you would like to guest post here on the Scatter Girls' blog please e-mail us at


  1. Thank you, Scatter Girls! I had lots of fun creating this project.

  2. wow so CREATIVEly ingeniously wonderful!! Thank you Camara (from Upesi)!!! and thank you Scatter Girls!


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