Sunday, July 17, 2011

Suggested Links

The internet as we know is full of vast sources of information for the handmade business owner, but sometimes do you really want to search for this information? Nope, I don't blame you. I'm here to help you out today, I've done some research for you and want to share a few great resources I've seen lately around the web that I think are worth sharing. I hope you find these resources useful and informative. 

For those of you who know what SEO is you know how important it is and for those of you who don't let me give you a hint (search engine optimization). It is an important tool for anyone with an online presence. 

Here is a great article for handmade business owners in regards to marketing. Most handmade business owners would rather spend time on creating but it is important to focus on the "business" side as well. 

What an important skill to master in this crazy online world and here is a great article to help us out! 

Don't we all just want to be successful? Here is a great resource from the author of Style Me Pretty a great Wedding Blog discussing some great tips for successful blogging. 

This article gives a great overall breakdown on just about everything for owning your own online shop. It is a perfect article for those who are thinking about starting opening a shop, those who have just started a shop or even those who have been around awhile and just need a reminder.


  1. These all touch on things my sister and I have been discussing! Thanks for compiling these. I can't wait to share them with her!

  2. I'm definitely bookmarking this page :) Thanks a bunch! I love learning the businessy side of the craft business!

  3. Wow, this is SUPER helpful! I so appreciate having all of this valuable info compiled in one post! Thank you :)


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