Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scatter Girls welcomes #Setupshop

Happy Tuesday to all our Scatter Girl friends.  I'm very excited to share this post with you about a brand new blog created as a result of a chat that many, if not all, of us are a part of each week.  Gina , our very own Scatter Girl who blogs at Hiya Luv has a brand new blog #Setupshop.  How exciting for us.  We meet on Monday's at 8pm {est} on Twitter to chat about all things handmade, our shops and such, and now we have a blog to follow and have #Setupshop always available to us.

Here is what Gina wrote in her introduction post

"My vision for #SetUpShop is that we are here to help one another succeed."
  • #SetUpShop is a place to build relationships and cheer each other on when we have had a bad experience or are challenged with our businesses.
  • #SetUpShop is a place to give one another honest feedback in a kind and supportive manner.
  • #SetUpShop is a place to share ideas and strategies but not to steal or copy from one another.
  • #SetUpShop is a community of learners striving to do our very best in our handmade businesses and in the real world.

Click above to visit #Setupshop

We will also be sharing lots of #Setupsup goodness here on Scatter Girls too!!


  1. thank you so much for sharing! :)gina

  2. So excited about both of these new blogs!!!

  3. Ditto to Eisley! Very, very excited.. WooT!


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