Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinterest Link Up Party

Hello my name is Lauren and I have a serious addiction to Pinterest. You too? I'm not alone? Thank goodness! If you don't know what Pinterest is you may have been living under a rock for the last few months, but don't worry we will catch you up! Pinterest is in a sense an online app where you can virtually pin anything from the web that you find interesting, inspiring, funny or just something you may want to read for later. You can also follow others and re-pin their pins. Basically Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. Here are some examples of some items that are pinned. 

Quotes are pinned 

Recipes are pinned

Craft Projects are pinned

The possibilities for what can be pinned are endless! Today we are hosting a link up you Pinterest account Party! We want to see where you find inspiration, what do you find interesting, what projects do you want to try and what sparks your interest? If you don't have a Pinterest account you do need an invite but were here to hook you up in that department as well, leave a comment with your e-mail and we will see what we can do :) 


  1. I heart Pinterest, thanks for the link-up!

  2. I just found this Twitter yesterday, and blog today, and I'm addicted! Very helpful, thank you!

  3. Yay Pinterest! Bah! It won't show my picture... oh well.

  4. Great linkup and congrats on this new blog!!

  5. I have never been invited, and I want to!

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