Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Post: Amy of Buffalo Roam

Today we would like to welcome Amy of Buffalo Roam to Scatter Girls. Amy's blog is fantastic and full of home renovation projects. Amy is sharing with all of us a fantastic church pew project today...

While at a flea market recently, I found this little church pew sitting at the end of a row of vendors, buried under some other random goods.  I wasn't even sure it was for sale, but when I tracked down the seller and he said he was asking $65, I said SOLD!  I loved the simple lines and pretty details, but the color didn't quite suit me, so I decided I would give it a little face lift.

(Please excuse my dog's butt.)

Much of the varnish was already worn off, so we started off with sanding as much of it as we could with both an electric sander, and just by hand in the harder-to-reach spots.

However, we weren't able to get all of it off in the more detailed areas.

So for that, we had to use some stripper and scrape.

Choosing the color of the new stain was no doubt the most difficult part of this process!  I do tend to gravitate toward darker colors, and my pew was no exception.  We went with RustOleum brand color of "Kona".  It looked very, very dark going on, and I was a tad nervous we'd over done it.

But looks are deceiving, and it wiped off much lighter than I would have guessed.  So much lighter, that we actually put on a second coat and are very pleased with the final results!

We wanted a bit of a worn and rustic feel, so we "wiped" a little harder in some areas, and left a thicker coat on others.

I am so pleased with how it turned out!  But I can rarely leave well enough alone, and am considering adding some sort of stencil on the back in either turquoise or gold flake...

What do you think??  "Yay", or "Nay"?

Thank you Amy for sharing your beautiful Pew with us! 


  1. It's beautiful! Perfect for an entry way!

  2. I think it's beautiful just the way it is, however I know that whatever detailing you decide to do would look amazing! What a great piece for such a steal!

  3. Love it! Good job Amy! Can't wait to see where you put it!

  4. Yaay!!!! I love it- great job and I love the outcome of the color....thank you for sharing!!!
    I also love it just the way it is.


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