Saturday, December 17, 2011

My New Business Partner "Square"

Hi handmade friends,

I hope everyone is wrapped up in the Holiday spirit and ready for Christmas.  I have been working every day on completing custom orders for friends and for customers at craft shows.  Hands down word of mouth is the best advertising.  I have had so many referrals this season that I just can't believe it.  It's been busy, but great!

This little cutie patootie is my new "business partner"  this little guy Square allowed me to take credit cards this season at the holiday shows I participated in.  No more, I don't have any cash or I'll come back.

He comes packaged like this

He's all ready to go go go when you get him!!

He even comes with stickers with all the credit cards you can take. 

Here he is connected to my phone
You just enter the dollar amount and swipe the card - Wala "Approved"

Your customer actually signs the screen on your phone and you can email or text a receipt and they will receive it on their phone while they are standing there checking out.  You can even take a photo of the items(s) they are purchasing and that gets sent with the reciept! LOVE this feature!! You also get an email confirming the transaction.  It's only 2.75% for each swipe and for the convenience it's perfect, really no more than a paypal transaction via Etsy

Here is the link to get your very own little "Business Partner." 
Oh and the best part he's free!!


  1. This is way cool. I saw it just the other day at my beauty operators. It was so easy. Any downsides? My ETSY is just starting up and I did my first Holiday Boutique....but that would be so cool and easy.

  2. Ok I am dying to get more info on this! I actually have one myself, but I've never used it. I heard poor things when it first came out. Where did the money go once you accepted payment, and how quickly were you able to access that money?

  3. I love my square! I also use it with cash transactions - my customers have the option of having an e-mail receipt, and I get the transaction logged, which makes it easier for me to keep track of sales.

  4. Absolutely LOVE Square! So easy to use.

    You set it up with your bank account and it processes much like a traditional merchant account, you will receive an email confirming the individual amounts, then at night it will "batch out" your total for the day and deposit into your bank account.

    I use mine at the Market on Saturdays and my money is available in my bank on the next Wed. It's all about how long your bank takes to process, but still relatively quick.

    LOVE it! :-)

  5. The Square is an interesting gadget. One question, though: is it safe from identity theft? With its highly-specialized and extensive functions, it's a must-have for businesspeople who are on the go.


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